How to Be an Art Dealer like Nicky Isen


Nicky Isen is a well-respected art dealer who lives in Philadelphia. He is an expert on Andy Warhol, and he was featured in a LA Times article about anĀ  auction where he overbid on Andy Warhol prints because he knew what he could get for them. An art dealer is in the business to make money, and Nicky Isen is certainly one who has made a good living in art. He currently owns Great Dane Auctions, which is located in Philadelphia. Great Dane Auctions hosts bi-weekly auctions on the internet, and the gallery contains over 52,000 pieces and $20 million in art.

How to Get Started as an Art Dealer

While there are many different ways to become an art dealer like Nicky Isen, it’s recommended that you start off by earning your degree in art history, so you can learn about various artists and their pieces. By doing this, you will have a leg-up in your search for a job as an art dealer.

Now the truth is that you won’t become an art dealer like Nicky Isen overnight. You will need to put in the work and pay your dues. This will start with finding an entry level job. During your studies, it might be advantageous to pick a specialty, so you can concentrate on a specific part of the art industry and focus your efforts. This will make it easier to find a job.

You will likely enter the art world as a low-level employee at an art gallery or auction house. This is not a bad thing as you’ll be exposed to many facets of the industry. Your job is to learn as much as you can and make contacts. If the job market is particularly tight, you may even have to volunteer for a while before you get noticed.

As you make contacts and learn about the the industry, you will gain the experience and know-how to advance in the industry and hopefully find a job as an art dealer. The key is to keep your chin up and strive to do your best to succeed in this very competitive industry.